Self Care Challenge Wrap-Up

Hey there,

August has come and gone but was filled with days of self care. I was touched by the number of folks who participated in the 31 Days of Self Care Challenge with me; whether you subscribed to the challenge listserv and received my emails, or participated separately, I thank you! For 31 days, we aimed to make our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health a priority. We meditated, drank water, tried new things, decluttered, and wrote love letters to ourselves.

To recap my last 3 weeks of the self care challenge:

Overall, I recognized that can be difficult to make yourself a priority! There were some days where I didn’t do anything related to self care. Work has been a bit more hectic the past few weeks, and some other personal matters took priority over meeting the daily challenges. Isn’t that the essence of life? Your plans can always change.

Week 3:


The activities I did complete in week 3 were cleaning my email inbox, drinking 70 oz. of water, jamming out to music, and positive affirmations. I particularly enjoyed the positive affirmations challenge. Reciting a mantra or seeing those words of encouragement can fuel you through your day!


Week 4:


Week 4 was a hit or miss week for me—mostly a miss. The only challenge I met was unplugging for the day. I ate regularly, drank sweet tea, and made a mental gratitude list. I never meditated or forgave someone. According to this week’s challenge, it seems as if I failed. And I’m fine with that.

What I did do instead was recognize my feelings-a bit anxious and overwhelmed by the “what ifs,”-and manage them. I went for long walks during the week to channel my thoughts and focus on my surroundings; I talked with my husband about my feelings. I prayed, recited some positive affirmations, and embraced mindfulness (being in the present moment). That was the self care I needed that week.

Week 5:


Week 5 was better for me (probably because it was a short week). I changed my Sunday routine, watched a few Ted talks, and pampered myself by shopping. I’d say it was successful self care week!


The purpose of this challenge was to bring awareness to the importance of self care and encourage us to more actively engage in it. I think it’s safe to say that this mission was accomplished. I hope you will continue to include self care into your routine, whether it be a daily, weekly, or monthly activity.

For me, I learned that I need to include self care into my weekly routine in order to avoid feeling burned out. To do that, I’ll go to my preferred self care activities of journaling, changing my routine, enjoying the outdoors, unplugging, reading, listening to music, and decluttering.

Did you identify the best self care activities for you? Share yours in the comments!

-KP, the Self Care Enthusiast

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